February is Library Lovers’ Month, and a List of Libraries Where You Can Find “301 Inkjet Tips”

I almost missed this, but a few days still remain to enjoy this important announcement. According to the site librarysupport.net, February is Library Lovers’ Month. I love libraries. Since I can remember, they have been a source of both entertainment and education. I attended many book readings at my local library as a pre-schooler in [...]

Article with Black and White Inkjet Printing Tips in Studio Photography Magazine

I just received the February issue of Studio Photography magazine and I’m very pleased to have contributed an article in the issue on tips for getting better black and white inkjet prints. The magazine covers a lot of interesting and important topics for professional photographers, and you can subscribe, or just view the issue (or [...]

Good Discussion About Setting Up Network Printing in Leopard OS10.5

I just came across this very good forum discussion on a site called getsatisfaction.com. As those who have upgraded to Apple’s Mac OS10.5 know, there is no longer a Printer Setup Utility. In the forum a few people explain where to find and manage your printers. There is also some good advice for setting up [...]

Hands on Review: Hahnemühle Museum Etching

Over the years I’ve seen and/or tested more than a hundred “fine-art” matte and watercolor papers. Hahnemühle Museum Etching Digital FineArt Paper stands out as one of my favorite papers in the inkjet-coated watercolor family. I put this review together to give readers an overview of the paper, with some tips to help you decide [...]

Excellent Review of the HP Photosmart Pro 8850 on Printerville.net

I just read this well-presented and informative review of the HP Photosmart Pro 8850 on Printerville.net by Rick LePage, Editor at large and former editor-in-chief at Macworld magazine and its website, Macworld.com. Run by Rick LePage and author Ben Long, the site has a lot of printer specific info and reviews that are written in [...]

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