Chapter 15 (Find Links Below on this Page)

Link# Product Info/ Article Link #1 Product Info/ Article Link #2 Product Info/ Article Link #3 Trusted Reseller (Sponsored/ Affiliate Links) Trusted Reseller (Sponsored/ Affiliate Links)
L15.1 inkAID website
L15.2 Epson Pro Series
L15.3 Aluminum suppliers
(local delivery is
Industrial Plastics:
W. Orange, NJ
Oakwood Wood Veneers:
Troy, MI

L15.4 inkAID FAQs
L15.5 PhotoDisc Target
Other Color/
B&W targets
L15.6 Reemay spun
bonded polyester
(nonwoven fabric)
Nonwoven fabric info
INDA website
Nonwoven fabrics
for sale (often used
for paper making)
L15.7 Golden Artist
Colors Molding
L15.8 Loreo 3D
L15.10 Cross-eyed 3D
viewing technique
L15.11 HP Designjet Pro B9180
L15.12 HP Advanced Photo
Paper Glosy Paper
L15.14 Deluxe 3D Viewer
L15.15 Lite 3D Viewer
L15.16 HP Designjet 5000ps
L15.17 HP Designjet Z3100
L15.18 Hahnemühle Photo
Rag 188gsm
L15.19 Hahnemühle Albrecht
Dürer 21gsm
L15.20 Golden Artist Colors
L15.21 Golden Self Leveling
Clear Gel
L15.22 Golden Polymer Varnish
with UVLS Satin
L15.23 Golden Polymer Varnish
with UVLS Gloss
L15.24 Crescent PerfectMount
Acid-Free Self-Adhesive
White Mounting Board
L15.25 Dahle Safetyedge
Ruler (no longer
being produced)
other options–>
Aluminum Safety
Ruler from
Aluminum Safety
Ruler from
L15.26 Scotch-Brite High
Performance Cloths
L15.27 Kinetronics StaticWisk
(Model SW-140)
L15.28 AlphaMat 4-ply black
mat board
L15.29 Letraset Double-sided
High-Tack Tape
L15.30 Permanant
PVA adhesive info
L15.31 Gorilla Glue
L15.32 Hanging hardware:
“strap” hangers
scroll down on this
page to see many
L15.33 Anchor Wire #3
Zerlon Pro Picture
L15.34 Trevco Quake
Hold Model #4338
A-Maze-ing Picture
L15.35 Micro Lens
L15.36 Photo Illusion
Lenticular software
L15.37 FlipSigns
Lenticular software:
L15.38 Michael’s Arts &
Craft website
L15.39 Pearl Art & Craft
L15.40 3M Scotch Double
Stick Tape

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