Chapter 6 (Find Links Below on this Page)

Link# Product Info/ Article Link #1 Product Info/ Article Link #2 Product Info/ Article Link #3 Trusted Reseller (Sponsored/ Affiliate Links) Trusted Reseller (Sponsored/ Affiliate Links)
L6.1 Inkjet paper links
L6.2 Harald Johnson’s
L6.3 Newsgroups and

L6.4 Digital Fine Art
L6.5 Hawk Mountain
L6.6 Breathing Color
L6.7 Inkjet Art Solutions
L6.8 Red River Paper
L6.9 Shades of Paper
L6.10 UltraFineOnLine
L6.11 HP Premium Plus
Photo Satin Paper
L6.12 Ilford Galerie
Classic Pearl
L6.13 Epson Stylus
Photo 1400
L6.14 wilhelm-research
L6.15 Hahnemuhle FineArt
Pearl Paper
L6.16 Innova Art FibaPrint
White Gloss
L6.17 Oriental Graphica
Fiber-Based Smooth
Glossy Paper
L6.18 Oriental Graphica
Fiber-Based Glossy
Photo Paper
L6.19 PremierArt Platinum
Rag Paper
L6.20 Epson UltraSmooth
Fine Art Paper
L6.21 Hahnemühle Museum
Etching Paper
L6.22 OBA’s discussed:
pdnonline article
OBA’s discussed:
OBA Press Release
L6.23 Acid free interleave
sheets (Lineco)
Acid free sheets:
Light Impressions
L6.24 HP Artist Matte
L6.25 Hawk Mtn. Papers
Pallida WR Canvas
L6.26 Piezo Pro Matte
Canvas For Epson
L6.27 Sihl 3647 Lisa Artist
L6.28 InteliCoat Magiclee
Torino 20G Glossy
Stretch Canvas

L6.29 Oriental Graphica
Glossy White Film
L6.30 Selection of films
from Magic Inkjet
Backlit films
L6.31 Inkjet transfers
Yahoo! Group
L6.32 Dan Burkholder’s
website (Digital
negative info)
L6.33 Printable skins
for iPods
L6.34 Shrinkable plastic
printed on inkjet
L6.35 Inkjet iron-on
transfers incl.
glow in dark
More heat transfer
Inkjet iron-on transfers at
L6.36 Inkjet printable fabrics
Inkjet printable fabrics
by Jacquard
sewable inkjet paper
L6.37 Canvas-like inkjet
Hahnemühle Albrecht Dürer (PDF)
Good paper reviews: imaging-resource
L6.38 Inkjet printable
magnet sheets
L6.39 Links to edible
inkjet products
L6.40 Premier Art Print
Shield Spray
L6.41 PremierArt Eco
Print Shield
L6.42 Foam brushes
L6.43 Liquitex Gloss Varnish
Flexible Surface
L6.44 Liquitex Acrylic
Permanent Matte
L6.45 PremierArt Eco
Print Shield
L6.46 Other paper links
L6.47 Fine Print Imaging
L6.48 4pc clamp set at

100pc mini spring
clamps at
L6.49 Address labels
from Avery

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