Chapter 8 (Find Links Below on this Page)

Link# Product Info/ Article Link #1 Product Info/ Article Link #2 Product Info/ Article Link #3 Trusted Reseller (Sponsored/ Affiliate Links) Trusted Reseller (Sponsored/ Affiliate Links)
L8.2 Travel bag for Canon compact printers Travel bag for Epson compact printers Travel bag for HP compact printers
L8.3 Polaroid Type 669 instant film
L8.4 Digital Camera Poster Creator Software
L8.5 DoubleTake Software for Mac OSX
L8.6 Canon PIXMA mini320
L8.7 HP Photosmart A616
L8.8 HP Photosmart A716
L8.9 Epson PictureMate Flash
L8.10 Canon Selphy CP740
L8.11 Canon Selphy CP510
L8.12 Canon Selphy CP710
L8.13 Kodak EasyShare Dock Dye-Sub Printer
L8.14 Olympus P-S100 Digital Photo Printer
L8.15 ColorByte Software Michael Reichmann’s Phatte Black Review
L8.16 ImagePrint RIP
L8.17 Ken Chernus’ Website
L8.18 Hahnemühle Photo Rag
L8.19 Moab Entrada Rag Natural
L8.20 Crane Museo Silver Rag
L8.21 Kirk Gittings’ Website
L8.22 Wausau Exact Vellum Bristol Paper
L8.23 Blow-off Rubber Rejuvenator
L8.24 PathKleen Printer Roller Cleaner Sheets
L8.25 PhotoDisc target (zip)
L8.26 Victoria Cooper’s Website
L8.27 MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
L8.28 Renaissance Paper at Light Impressions
L8.29 The D-Roller
L8.30 Great D-Roller Video by Michael Reichmann
Good D-Roller overview (step by step) on
L8.31 Discussion about de-curling prints on
L8.32 Office Depot
L8.33 Printer Stands on
L8.34 The Home Depot
L8.35 Bed Bath and Beyond
L8.36 Sears Craftsman 5-Drawer Roll Away Cabinet
L8.37 Sears Rolling Carts
L8.38 Furniture Slider Disks – various types on
L8.40 Moving Men brand discussed on
L8.42 Ways to save ink when printing
L8.43 Inksaver 2.0 Software
L8.44 Konica Magicolor review
Top Color Lasers Article Top Monochrome Lasers Article
L8.45 Dick Blick Art Materials
L8.46 Uline Shipping Supplies
L8.47 U.S. Box Company
L8.48 Pacon White Fadeless Art Paper
L8.49 Indented Kraft Paper
L8.50 The Center for Fine Art Photography
L8.51 Gwen Laine’s Website
L8.52 X-Ray images by Don Dudenbostel
L8.53 3D Paper Art Video Tips for Paper Arts

L8.54 Canon’s Creative Park
L8.55 Template (PDF)
L8.56 Bone Scorer
L8.57 Photoshop Color Adjustment Techniques
Other Imaging Techniques on Canon Creative Park
L8.59 Epson Creative Zone
L8.60 Epson StoryTeller Photo Books
L8.61 PremierArt Matte Scrapbook Photo Paper
L8.62 HP Activity Center
L8.63 HP Brochure and Flyer Paper (glossy) HP Brochure and Flyer Paper (matte)
L8.64 Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 and 6
L8.65 Apple iLife Suite
L8.66 Apple Aperture
L8.68 Masternewmedia
Scrapblog Tutorial
L8.70 Layouts Yahoo! Group
L8.72 Memory Makers Magazine and Site
L8.74 The Salvation Army

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